Friday, February 27, 2009

Swimming in February

Can you believe it!? The kids went swimming today, February 27th. It has been really warm here in SA. Jeremy and I cleaned out the pool and put new chemicals in it, so the kids could go swimming. They even invited a few friends over for the winter fun. Here are some pictures and video of the day.

Changing things up

I wanted a new look for our room but I didn't want to pay for a new bedroom set. So Jeremy agreed to help me. We made our headboard out of WaynesCoating and I stained it. We just mounted it to the wall and I painted our old lamps and shades to match. I plan on restaining our other pieces to match. It has been fun and really inexpensive. I did buy the night stands with a gift card and money from my birthday. But the whole grouping cost about $200. I will be changing out the hardware on the other pieces about $50, so a whole new (to me) bedroom will cost $250 instead of $2000. I am so excited and I am having fun. I am glad my hubby is being so patient with my adventures.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caleb on TV

Hi Friends and Family,

Caleb had something amazing happen to him last Monday (President's Day). He got to be on TV because he knows all his presidents forward and backward. He tried out at his learning center and got to go on tv. Here are some pictures and video of the show.